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March 19, 2009



if you've got data sitting in a Dynamics window, on a tab, for a while, it's still going to be stale data isn't it?

unless you want to go down the road of polling for data changes and updating via Ajax (jQuery, Atlas, whatever)

having a bunch of windows open all day - especially if each tab is displaying different related data - might get pretty messy, methinks...


Joel Lindstrom

You raise a good point. The purpose of my example was not to encourage people to have a bunch of records open all day--actually, this will help you NOT do that. A user typically intereacts with a specific record for only a matter of minutes, not all day. An issue can be that without IE8, the records open in disconnected windows, or in tabs that are mixed with other web tabs, and it can be easy for a user to lose one of those tabs and keep it open all day unitentionally.

Consider a typical example:
Landy is a sales rep. He opens up CRM, finds the account for XYZ Manufacturing, opens the record
He sees that there is an opportunity associated with XYZ, so he opens that. Then he goes to the activity tab on the opportunity, and he opens the last phone call associated with the opportunity. He also may have Yahoo Finance open in another tab to research XYZ Manufacturing.
Just through this process, Landy now has five tabs open, along with whatever other websites he may have open. Without IE8, since each of these tabs are mixed with the other website tabs or open in separate windows, it can be very easy for him to forget to close one or two of them when he gets done working with XYZ.

IE 8 solves this issue by keeping the tabs of CRM organized together in the order in which they were opened, so he can very easily spot which sets of tabs go with CRM, and which go with Yahoo, and which go with Twitter, and which go with Sharepoint, etc.

This helps users avoid the scenario you described, and keep it from getting messy.

Another point is that CRM content does refresh automatically--for example, if you have an account view open and create a new account, when you go back to the tab with the account view on it, it contains the new data.

Donna Edwards

Great blog, as always, you do a great job

Lee Meyrick

Hi, do you know if CRM 3.0 has been validated against IE8?

Joel Lindstrom

All of the testing that I'm aware of has happened on 4.0. Since CRM 3.0 works in IE7, it should work in IE8, at least in compatibility mode.


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